How do I set up my voicemail for my LCN numbers?

If you have your LCN numbers forwarded to a phone number, it will use whatever voicemail you use for that phone. So if you are forwarding your calls, be sure to not have a voicemail like “ You’ve reached 123-444-5555 (your REAL cell phone number) please leave a message” because your callers will hear that & become confused. It’s best to have a generic message, for example: “Thanks for calling John, please leave me a message and I will return your call soon. Have a great day”. Just be sure that your voicemail message aligns with your advertising you’re doing. You don’t want your signs saying “Bob buys houses” but they call and get a voicemail for John. If you do NOT have your LCN numbers forwarded you can set your voicemail up using these instructions: From the Home screen select “settings” under your LCN. On that page you will see a “Voicemail Message”. You can then type in your desired voicemail message there. Please note, this is a computer automated voice;  you cannot record one with your voice at this time.


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